ACC302 - Financial Accounting I

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ACC302 - Bilanzierung und Unternehmensbesteuerung

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After an introduction to income taxation, the course will focus on the different purposes and norm-setting processes of the two accounting systems German GAAP and IFRS. The students will gain a comprehensive insight in the most important accounting issues according to German GAAP. Moreover, capitalization norms will be discussed. This includes tangible and intangible assets as well as revenue recognition. When talking about passivation norms, non-financial liabilities and deferrals will be discussed. Later on valuation norms will be a topic as well. In this section costs of acquisition and production, depreciation, amortisation and impairment of assets as well as the valuation of liabilities will be important issues. Finally, major issues in tax accounting such as the Authoritative Principle, determination of taxable income, company taxation and tax planning will be covered.

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