Mannheim Master in Management (M.Sc.)

Selected Courses

ACC511 - Konzernrechnungslegung LS Prof. Simons
ACC512 - Jahresabschluss spring semester
ACC513 - Konzernrechnungslegungspraxis LS Prof. Simons
ACC515 - IFRS Reporting and Capital Markets spring semester
ACC531 - Unternehmensbewertung winter semester 2018
ACC532 - Security Valuation & Financial Statement Analysis LS Prof. Daske
ACC551 - Controlling LS Controlling, Dr. Kunz
ACC552 - Wertorientiertes Controlling in der Unternehmenspraxis LS Controlling, Dr. Kunz
ACC571 - Prüfungstheorie und Prüfungspraxis winter semester every 2 years
ACC573 - Ausgewählte Fragen der IFRS-Rechnungslegung winter semester
ACC620 - Accounting for Financial Instruments & Financial Institutions LS Prof. Daske
ACC621 - Earnings Management LS Prof. Simons, LS Prof. Daske
ACC622 - Accounting for Mergers & Acquisitions LS Prof. Daske
ACC623 - Accounting Theory winter semester
ACC624 Unternehmensbewertungspraxis LS Prof. Daske
ACC625 Practical Aspects of M&A Processes LS Prof. Daske
ACC626 - Transaction Accounting spring semester
ACC627 - Fallstudien "Beratung von Finanzdienstleistern" 3 block courses
ACC651 - Kostenanalyse LS Controlling, Dr. Kunz
ACC652 - Performancemessung und Anreizsysteme LS Controlling, Dr. Kunz
ACC671 - Audit Theory LS Prof. Simons
ACC672 - Corporate Governance Theory LS Prof. Simons
ACC713 - Seminar Prof. Wüstemann October / November
ACC714 - Master-Kolloquium Prof. Wüstemann tba

Course information

A full overview of the available courses and more detailed desciptions can be found on the website of the Business School.