ACC 351 - International Accounting

The target audience of this course are incoming exchange students who have already attended introductory accounting courses. 

The course shall enable students to understand and apply IFRS. In the first part, modern accounting theories will be discussed with respect to IFRS. In the second part, the IFRS solution to important accounting problems will be explained and critically evaluated.

In the fall term 2018, the lecture will be held by Dr. Christoph Hütten, Chief Accounting Officer at SAP AG in Walldorf. Accompanying tutorials will be held by Dr. Christopher Sessar, also working for SAP AG in Walldorf together with Dr. Christoph Hütten. Please enrol to the group on ILIAS for further information as regards content, structure and organizational aspects of the module.

Literature will be provided in the course. The grading will be based on a written exam.

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